I have had thermography in other locations and have to say that Howard & Diane are among the most knowledgeable people I have met in the industry. They are caring & compassionate, which is a great help when one is worried about the possibility of cancer. Their thermography setting makes you feel at ease, & I’m very glad to have them in Clifton Park.

Nancy J.

Knowledgeable, Caring & Compassionate

I am so grateful this procedure has become available in my area. For me, it is a big investment, but it’s an investment in my health and worth every dollar. I am able to say that with the explanation I received I have a good understanding of the process and trust I made the right decision. Thanks for making me comfortable and confident.

Judith S

First Experience With Thermography

My first appointment today,and was I impressed!The medical field wants to wait until cancer begins to show symptoms and then treat it(no scanning due to excessive radiation).I wanted something that is pro-active and safe,and this is it.I wish my regular doctors were as concerned with my health as Howard and Diane are.A really great experience,I will be back.

Scott K

This is what traditional medicine should be like

Hello, I decided to go for thermography after finding out how bad the radiation of the mammogram was. I search for a place on the net and found Northeast Thermography Medical Imaging Center and read all the good reviews they had, so booked an appointment and, wow wick, was I impressed!!! The staff was very informative, went to every details to explain how it would go and made sure that I was comfortable with everything they said. Amazing experience!!

Sylvia D

Simply amazed!!

This was my second Thermography on my breast’s. I was told years ago from the person who took my original Mammogram that I have dense breast tissue. So the Mammogram really was not going to help in any findings of a lump. Finding out that I as a woman have another option which is much more accurate and 100 times less harmful I chose Thermography. Howard and Diane are very patient and explain everything it’s quiet and private and you will feel at ease. I highly recommend going to see them.

Jacquelyn S

Everyone should know about their options for getting screened for cancer or any other disease.

This was a great experience in my opinion. Owner and his assistant Nancy explained the process to me and spent alot of time getting medical history. The imaging process was simple, painless, and very thorough. I will go back on 2 weeks for my report and am looking forward to the information. I hope that others like myself will look into this amazing and powerful tool utilized in early detection of cancers as well as other chronic inflammatory processes . This test is fda approved.

Carey D.

Thermography experience

To have a progressive outlet to traditional medical models is phenomenal. I have done lots of research with regards to having breast cancer, and through Ty Bollingers “The truth about cancer” book, found that mammograms using radiation technology actually cause cancer Thermography is the way to go. The appointment was non invasive and modestly done in an office visit. Howard and his wife are very knowledgeable and sincerely dedicated to of healing and preventative healing techniques.

Betsy K.

Thankful to have in our area!

The Medical Thermograghy Assoc made my expereince comfortable and educational. I learned about this medical option through a health podcast and I was fortunate enough to find this group. They were knowledgable and helpful thoroughout the process, explaining every step and stage!


First Exp

This was my return visit for a follow up to my baseline scan. I was treated like an old friend and was so comfortable with Howard and Diane. I am very grateful this technology is accessible to me and will share with everyone that Medical Thermography is the place to go for professional, knowledgeable care.

Judith S

Feels Like Family

I just went for my second Thermography appointment. I had my first one, a year ago, due to my concern surrounding the amount of radiation exposure necessary for diagnostic purposes, during my annual mammograms. I was impressed last year and continue to be impressed as to the level of knowledge and professionalism extended during my visit. Truly an outstanding experience! This will definitely be a part of my yearly health and wellness screening protocol.

Mary M

High Level of Professionalism!

This was my very first Thermography. Howard and Diane were very professional and made me very comfortable, answering all my questions. I will be back for more appointments to see what happens in the health of my body. I feel that natural alternatives is the best treatment. Thermography is a beginning of learning what my body needs to get healthy.

Mary Ann S

very professional....indeed

I had a women’s health screening which encompassed screening the entire upper body in order to get a baseline analysis of my body. I found the information gained to be insightful and this will serve as my guide as I work with other practitioners (my doctor of oriental medicine and chiropractor) to take steps to further protect and enhance my health. Howard Vics of Medical Thermography Assoc. is a knowledgable and caring professional and I immediately scheduled a six month follow up visit.

Chris V

Highly Recommend Medical Thermography Assoc.