“Discover a roadmap to improve your health and longevity!”

Early Detection

The earlier a disease is diagnosed, the more likely it is that it can be cured or successfully managed. Managing a disease, especially early in its course, may lower its impact on your life or prevent or delay serious complications.

Diagnostic Testing

Thermography is a lifesaving diagnostic tool used to detect changes in your body which can indicate early stages of diseases like cancer or other changes in your body. It is a radiation free way to help ensure your health.

Getting Started

There is no reason to wait for special awareness months to get screened. Your health is vital and it is important to monitor your body for changes. Book an appointment today or contact us for more information.

Thermography is a simple, non-invasive process that is private, requires no-touch, no-radiation and is 100% safe.

The skin is the communication hub for inter-connectivity of the body’s systems. Thermography detects the sensitive and minute dynamic temperature of the skin.  Through infrared technology, (Thermography) the real time story of the body is unveiled.  Early detection and the opportunity for timely investigation and intervention are key advantages for both patient and physician.   Thermography is ideal for preventative medicine.  At Medical Thermography Associates we offer full body and specific body area screenings.

As a Certified iScan Medical Imaging Center, Medical Thermography Associates has our thermographs interpreted by Physicians Insight MD’s, which is a network of Board Certified Medical Doctors who are specialists in infrared imaging analysis. They do the interpretation and forward the report to your personal physician for consultation and analysis.

Thermography is a 100% safe imaging test that can reveal a road map to improve your health, wellness and life longevity.
Thermography is non-invasive and painless, involves no radiation, no contact, is private and F.D.A. Certified.

Thermography is a screening device for the purpose of assisting the health practitioner to care for their patients by promoting health and prevention of disease by using the physiological warning signs made possible by thermography, or infrared imaging.  Thermography may detect changes, that if left unattended, could possibly progress into a late stage disease that could then be detected by other types of imaging devices.