lymphatic-systemMany people have heard of it, but what is the “Lymphatic System”? “The lymphatic system is part of your immune system and the term includes all of the organs and cells which are part of the immune system. This includes the lymph nodes, lymphocytes (i.e. special disease-fighting white blood cells) and organs like the spleen and bone marrow which make and store lymphocytes. The lymphatic system is inter-connected by a fine network of tiny microscopic lymphatic vessels, which are present throughout your body like a net, through which lymphatic fluid circulates.”

Quite often the lymphatic system becomes “congested”. Medical thermography is able to “see” the evidence of lymphatic congestion. We have found that approximately 80% of our (female) patients have lymphatic congestion to one degree or another.

This congestion has been correlated to development of Breast Cancer as well as arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and other medical conditions. However lymphatic congestion, particularly Axillary (armpit) center of the lymph system, can be “cleared” naturally, without the use of medicine or surgery and you can often do it by yourself.

The key is to know how the lymphatic fluids flow in the body and how to move them when there is a congestion. Quite often this can be done with a simple technique known as “Dry Brushing”.

Northeast Thermography Medical Imaging Center is working with Seton Health’s Sandie Sanderson who is an expert on the lymphatic system and lymphedema and Maria Nguyen, who is a licensed massage therapist who specializes in lymphatic massage.

Sandie and Maria will be doing a workshop on “The Lymph System, What It Is and How It Works” and will teach participants how to do dry brushing for lymphatic clearing. The workshop will be held on Tuesday, March 3,, 2015 from 7pm – 8pm at our offices located at 2 Chelsea Place, Clifton Park, NY 12065.