breast-cancerNortheast Thermography Medical Imaging Center, The first iScanHD certified center in the Carolinas specializing in preventative health screenings using infrared imaging, offers a FDA certified breast screening option that offers women a first look at  their breast and body’s  health. While not a replacement for a mammogram, thermography is a 100% non-invasive,  no-touch, no radiation screening indicator using a High Definition 307,000 pixels sensitive digital infrared camera. of the body’s thermal patterns. Certain kinds of diseases, like tumors, increase blood flow that causes an increase in temperature that can be seen on a thermographic scan. All scans are interpreted by board-certified physicians and is  provided to the patient’s personal physician.

“October is breast cancer awareness month, but breast health should be for women all year long,” said Jennifer Colwell, Thermographer with Northeast Thermography Medical Imaging Center. “Thermography is the only screening that can demonstrate whether estrogen dominance, a potential risk factor for the development of breast cancer, fibrocystic breasts, uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts, is affecting the breasts.

During the month of October, Northeast Thermography Medical Imaging Center is offering $50 off a Breast Health Study and $100 off a full body scan. Located in the SouthPark area at 4201 Congress Street, Suite 440, Charlotte, NC  28029. For more information call (704) 360-8060 or visit Northeast Thermography Medical Imaging