Celebrate Women in the Month of March!

Women drive a majority of decisions in American Health Care. Medical Thermography caters to our female clients’ needs in myriad ways:

  • We create a warm, welcoming atmosphere which is clean and cozy, rather than an institutional setting.
  • We respect your sense of modesty and privacy before, during and following your thermal imaging appointment (not to mention complimentary hairbands!).
  • We partner with other wellness practitioners, bring your awareness to important new modalities, providers and products for your wellness; through regular workshops hosted at our office, personal conversations, emails, newsletter, social media and face to face meetings and follow up appointments.
  • We offer you special pricing each month, bring a friend discounts and Gift Certificates for sharing the Gift of Time and wellness.
  • We accommodate your schedule and provide convenient hours of operation (as early as 8:00 AM and as late as 6:00 PM) and the ease and simplicity of “Book Online” appointments to save you time, energy of scheduling your own appointment )
  • NEW! We carry do Terra Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils which have been helpful for nearly every condition, malady or illness, including some designed just for females. We can help you determine which oils are right for you. Call us at 518-368-4546 for a complimentary wellness consultation or visit our new website at www.mydoTerra/medthermography.com/blog.
  • NEW! We offer AromaTouch Therapy, a relaxing and luxuriating application of essential oils to help calm your body and mind while removing toxins we tend to hold in the spine. Celebrate women’s health now. Just call for your appointment or Book Online now.

Why is a 90-Day Follow Up Visit so Important?

Thermography is a wonderful tool for preventive health care and women’s breast health screenings. But the real value of the thermal study is a comparison of her thermal pattern over time. When a woman comes in for her initial screening, we have captured a snapshot in time of her thermal pattern. Although this can be considered a “baseline,” it is not a “stable baseline.”
Every woman has their own unique thermal pattern, or signature. So while her pattern may raise a concern, we need to know if that pattern is stable. In other words, has there been an increase in the temperature of a “thermal anomaly?” Has the identified anomaly grown in size? Are there any new patterns? These are questions that can only be answered by having the follow up study done and comparing the initial images with the 90 day follow-up images. Then, if there is no change in the pattern, we can say that she has a “stable baseline.”
At Northeast Thermography Medical Imaging Center, we strongly believe in early detection and preventive healthcare, and that is why we promote the concept of the 90 day follow up for our female patients. This way, we can capture changes as soon as possible and provide our patients with the earliest identification of a change in the normal vascular activity of their breasts.


February filled our hearts and minds, with the excitement of exhibiting at the NY Women’s Expo, insightful presentations from Jennifer Burke, Occupational Therapist, of Creative Health Solutions and Dr. Frederick Dreher, Holistic Dentist. Additionally, our monthly “The Truth About Cancer” eye opening documentary series viewing continued.

We followed Jen Burke’s rollercoaster journey managing Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, learned some valuable tips to use now and how Medical Thermography helped change the course of her treatment after 25 years.

Dr. Dreher and his staff shared amazing facts on the dangers of mercury fillings, awareness on the Oral/Systemic link to illness and why treating the body and patient as a whole is so important.
Additionally, the continuing documentary series, “The Truth About Cancer” Episode 4 opened our eyes to numerous ways to combat cancer and ways we can prevent it from growing in our bodies. Stay with us or join us for the first time this month and next, as we continue on a path to continued wellness. All evening workshops are held at our 2 Chelsea Place, Clifton Park office. Watch Facebook for event postings or call the office to RSVP. We will gladly save a space for you.

This month, we are excited to offer you news and special offers in support of your femininity and immune system function. A Core health screenings can help identify thermal patterns associated with immune system function. Our Core heal screening also includes breast images, part of your breast health screening. This month, we are also offering you a complimentary luxurious AromaTouch Therapy Session with each Full Body Scan. See our pricing specials on Women’s Health (Core) Screening in support of this. As usual, we have lined up some insightful wellness presentations; our wellness contribution to the community. Stay tuned on the website and Facebook to keep up to date on some exciting happenings in our Clifton Park office and around the capital district with local wellness practitioners.



Last month Northeast Thermography Medical Imaging Center added a complimentary service of the doTerra line of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to our client/patients. Essential Oils can be an important part of healing, they can contribute to overall health and wellness and we believe that they are a critical component of preventive health care. We are thrilled that Diane Rivers of our staff is now a Certified AromaTouch Practioner. Schedule your own AromaTouch Therapy session to enjoy the blissful application of 8 Essential Oils. The light touch, with the practiced technique helps detox your spine and takes you from the sympathetic (fight or flight) to the parasympathetic system, allowing your body and mind to relax, promoting healing. Take advantage of our introductory offer of a complimentary AromaTouch Therapy with any Full Body Screening through March 31, 2016. Call (518) 983-6564 or book online now.

See a list of Aromatherapy classes in Medical Thermography in the Community section of this newsletter. Register for Aromatherapy classes each month to learn more about these all natural, powerful oils and products. Keep an eye on our FB and web pages for more information, and about how you can buy doTerra products.



Howard Vics, owner and President of Northeast Thermography Medical Imaging Center and his staff believe in an integrated community, working together toward wellness. To that end, we offer regular opportunities for informational workshops by local practitioners who provide insight to furthering wellness. If interested in presenting, just stop by or call us to discuss.

Register for events hosted by Northeast Thermography Medical Imaging Center on our Facebook Event Page or call us at (518) 983-6564. All events are held at our 2 Chelsea Park, Clifton Park location unless otherwise specified.

March 5, 5-8:00 PM Leukemia & Lymphoma Society fundraiser. Glennpeter Diamond Centre, Central Ave., Albany. Food, wine and prizes! $10 Donations at the door.
March 7, 2-3:00 PM Essential Oils 101.
March 7, 5-8:00 PM Medical Thermography Open House
March 15 at 6:30 PM Aromatherapy Class: Stress and Inflammation with Therapeutic Grade Plant Essences
March 29 at 6:30 PM “The Truth About Cancer” documentary series Episode 5 viewing
March 31 at 7-8:00 PM Aromatherapy Class: Disease in The Body Systems with Therapeutic Grade Plant Essences

April 6 at 6:30 PM Aromatouch Therapy with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
April 12 at 6:30 PM Extinguishing the Flame of Disease with Lisa Marie Tersigni,
April 20 at 6:30 PM The Truth About Cancer documentary series Episode 6 viewing
April 22-24 IAMT Conference, Safety Harbor, FL

These free events are sponsored and hosted by Northeast Thermography Medical Imaging Center and open to the public. Registration is required. Please RSVP on our FB Event Page or call 518-368-4546 to save a seat.

Watch the website and Facebook for upcoming workshops and events.


March 2016 Specials

~ Full Body Screening $495 , plus a complimentary AromaTouch Therapy session
~ Women’s (Core) Health Screening $299 (normally $350).
Schedule an appointment to be held by March 31, 2016 for this special pricing.
Mention “Women’s Health” in the comment box.




We also have Gift Certificates, so you can begin your healthy journey with someone you love – Give the Gift of Time with Medical Thermography.