023efae4-716c-46e0-a406-841501ca61d2EXCITEMENT AT MEDICAL THERMOGRAPHY ASSOCIATES!

Northeast Thermography Medical Imaging Center is pleased to announce that we will be carrying the doTerra line of Essential Oils and offering them to our client/patients. We have come to believe that Essential Oils can be an important part of healing, they can contribute to overall health and wellness and we believe that they are a critical component of preventive health care.

After much research and careful consideration we chose to carry the doTerra line of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and associated products. They make the highest purity Essential Oils; quality is tested and verified by an independent third party, and we appreciate the social values they exhibit through their Certified Fair Trade and Helping Hands program.

Northeast Thermography Medical Imaging Center will be scheduling classes at least once a month encourage you to go to learn more about these all natural, powerful oils and products. Keep an eye on our FB and web pages for more information, and about how you can buy doTerra products.

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